Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Final Destination

Well when I decided to blog about my day's at the "office" it all started after a crazy 10 day's of being alone while my mom was visit my sister Angela and her sweet little family in Oklahoma City. She just had a new baby boy! So I was happy to take on the responsibility of the store so that my mom could go visit her newest grandbaby. She's left before and I've been able to handle things. It's been a breeze in the past - nothing to crazy. Just little things here and there but nothing I couldn't handle. But WOW, this time around was wild. I would venture to say, very stressful and very hard. However we did have a successfull 10 day's on the business side of things - so it was well worth all the work. So, the day after I started my blog and told y'all to "stay tuned" - well, it was for good reason. I woke up that very next morning to a phone call from one of our employee's letting me know there was a "small flood in the store". WHAT! Are you KIDDING me? That was my response. This is where the title "Final Destination" comes in. We have a sink in the back of the store - as you can see here, there is a knife holder placed right above the sink. It's magnetic - so, after the knifes are cleaned and dried - they are placed on the knife holder. Well, I guess that sometime in the middle of the night one of the big knifes we have feel off of the knife holder and hit the faucet just right - turned the water on and therefore caused a flood. One of my employee's said that sounds like something out of Final Destination! And it kinda does. What the heck?! How does a knife lose it's magnetic will to live - hit the faucet juuust right so that it turns on the water? Totally something out of a movie. And not a good movie - that's for sure. Anyway, I think to myself - ok- it can't be THAT bad. And really, it wasn't to bad. We had a nice floor cleaner guy come clean up the water. He did it quick and that was that. Until the nice gentelmen who is putting in a drycleaners right next to us comes over and says, my store is flooded and it looks like it came from your side. Well, awesome! So the floor guy had to come BACK and clean his store. So then -just when I think I'm free and clear of any other desaster for the day or week for that matter AT&T who's on the other side of us comes over and say's "did you guys have a flood? Our carpets all wet. What do you want to do about it?" hahaha. I just have to laugh now - but I tell you what - at the time I wanted to cry. So that nice floor cleaner man had to come back once again and clean their carpet. So it's save to say that 300 hundred dollars later - we are all clean and dry after a very wet day. Oh the joys of a business owner... See I told you you'd want to stay tuned. Pure excitment all the time at P murph's. ;)

Monday, January 18, 2010

What have I gotten myself into?

So - I find myself perplexed. I once said, "I'll start a blog when I get married, that way I'll be interesting! I'll have so many fun married things to blog about. But what do I have to blog about in my life right now? Nothing! My life is boring." Welp.. I've decided I DO have something to blog about. Now maybe it's not as "glamorous" as being married, or having kids or anything of that sort, but it's all I got... for now. Over a year and three months ago I embarked on a journey that wasn't expected. I left my comfort zone (Provo Utah) and all that I knew was good (my friends and brother) to take on something different. Something that had NEVER in my whole 24 years of existence thought I'd be doing. Pizza making.... yep.. you read right people. Pizza making is what I do and what I'll most likely will be doing until further notice. My parents wanted a change and decided to start up a franchise of a Papa Murphy's Pizza in Mesa, Arizona (paradise). Much to their dismay, things did NOT work out the way they planned. It's funny what a crashing economy can do to a brand new business in a brand new market. Well, if you're curious as to what - lets just say - it's not good. Dad had to stay in Washington to keep his job so that we could build our new - not so thriving business. So that's where I come in. A young, single , 23 year old (living in my comfort zone) decides the best thing to do is help the family biz - to move to Arizona! And that's what I did..
This Blog will be about my day's at the Office (what my bestie Macy's calls it). What happens there and what I have to deal with. Sometimes it's good and sometimes it's not so good. Anyway, I think this will be good for me. A way to release my daily frustrations. Lets just say - two women running a business - who are not business women can make things quite interesting. But! We're doing it. And we're making it work. For now ;) So please - bare with me as I type with vigor, each day I feel the need too.
I do owe a lot of credit to the women behind all of this. The women - on days where I think I might hurt myself or others for that matter - is there to save me. My beautiful, hard working and devoted Mother. My roommate and business partner. Even though I know she'd MUCH rather be rooming with her hubby (if i had one, so would I. Who can blame the women?) She and I are in this together and I'm grateful for that each day.
So please - stay tuned! There is much behind the walls of a pizza shop you would't ever dare to think. You don't want to miss this...

This is our very first picture of OUR store before it even opened.