Wednesday, March 31, 2010

All I want is...

A Mini Cooper.
(White or a color?)

I'm working real hard and saving my penny's so that maybe one day I can get one. Now my only delema is what color? I LOVE the white. It's classy and lovely but at the same time I'm like do I need a color?!
(a color or white?)

I mean it's a Mini! Maybe I need a red one? What do you think? I could use the help. All color idea's are welcome!

String of Bad Luck

Would you say that someone who gets two flat tires with in 10 days of each other is bad luck? I would.. And I will! Ha! So I guess I have bad luck then cause this happened to me. First in my car on a day that I REALLY needed my car(Thank goodness for family around to help you when you're in need. Thanks Steph!) and the second time was in my moms car on the freeway! You think that's bad?? Well it gets worse. I was on the freeway OVER PASS!!!!!!!! I don't know if any of you realise how high you are on an over pass.. or how afraid of heights I am! I took some pictures of this worthless experience so that maybe you'd be able to get some idea of how high up you are but after looking at the pictures it doesn't do justice at all to actually being there.

This was my experience and can I say - I'm glad it is over. It was very scary. All I know is I'm grateful for AAA. It is so worth spending the money.

Friday, March 12, 2010

I Just Haven't Met YOU Yet...

Story of my life right now.

I just love this song. It's my theme song. And I'm hoping one day it won't be - but for now it's ok. Kinda.

Sunday, March 7, 2010

My Happy Place

Well I must say... this is certainly my favorite time of year. Spring! It has everything to offer. Especially here in Sunny Az. The weather is perfect - that's a given- with that, even so much more. For Arizona natives this is something their use to but for someone who grew up in Seattle Washington (which i do love for many other reason - weather not being it's strong point) it's like everyday waking up to Christmas morning! Except for me Christmas is the Sun. I never knew that the sun would affect me in such a way ... but it has... mind,body and soul. I love the sun. My skin on the other hand doesn't enjoy it as much as I do but thank goodness for SPF. March is my favorite month here in Az for a few reasons. Weather, which I've already mentioned and this particular smell that exudes from the orange trees when the orange blossoms are blooming. I have never smelt anything more delicious in my whole life. I will drive an extra 15 minutes out of my way to work everyday just to smell the orange blossoms. I wish everyone could smell this smell. It would make the world a better place. I'm sure of it. I know it makes my world a better place. Ha! Last but certainly not least of my favorite thing about spring and March is Baseball. In fact this is my number ONE favorite thing amongst all that I have previously mentioned. A brand new season of America's pastime starts and will last a glorious 7 months. Being in Az I am lucky enough to have a professional team here. The Dbacks. They a good but I don't hold any connection to them. Which is ok - cause regardless of who's playing I enjoy a good game. And their play facility is simply AMAZING. Such a beautiful field. I guess my LOVE for baseball came as a young one. Growing up in Seattle I got to experience going to games all the time. Mariners games that is. I LOVE the Seattle Mariners.
(safeco field where the mariners play.. my happiest place :) )

I always will love them. They may not be the best team in baseball but being a true fan means loving them regardless. And that is what I do. The M's travel down south, here to Az for their spring training. They are here for the whole month of March for pre season games. And it is fantastic!
I got to go to Opening Day on Wednesday of the Mariners pre season spring training game. I was oh so happy. Hence.. my happy place.

Now this field here in Az doesn't really compare to Safeco field in Seattle but I will take what I can get! I took the pictures of the game from my phone so they aren't the best pictures you've most likely ever seem but you get the idea, right?

It's the little and simple things in life that make us the happiest. Baseball is that for me.