Monday, July 26, 2010

The Itch I wish I could scratch....

Why is it that I always want to move from where I'm currently living? Is it that I'm never satisfied, or that I like the change of scenery, or maybe it's cause my siblings live in different states and I miss them and their babies, or maybe it's the fact that I met a handsome young southern gentlemen who is so different from anyone I've met in a long time and it was very refreshing (just so everyone knows - I had this itch to move even before I met him. I just want to clarify that. But it does help... haha) Or possibly my parents adopted me from gypsies back in the 80's? That would make a lot of sense on several levels but we won't get into that now.... I'm sure all of these reasons play some part in my unstable-ness. I just want to try something new! What's so wrong with that? I'm young - I'm single, it's the perfect time, right?! Something new and exciting is really what I'm looking for. Maybe I'll move to a state that I've never lived in before. So Washington, Arizona, Utah and New Mexico are out. Been there, done that. Maybe Texas? Or somewhere in the deep south like North or South Carolina? (I blame you, Nicholas Sparks for my desire to live in the south). So you're probably asking yourself "well don't you stop talking about doing it and just do it!" Easier said that done, my friends. I wish it were that easy. Maybe one day? Or maybe I can take a sabbatical? For now I just need some advice for fighting this craving... help!

For your viewing pleasure, here are a few pictures from my recent trip to the beautiful Alabama Coast! (thanks Jen for planning the best trip ever!)
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I'm sure being in Alabama on the coast didn't help my itch.. in fact, it's probably safe to say that it spread the itch.